4 Foods to Avoid or Limit While Pregnant

While you should always do your best to limit unhealthy foods at all times, pregnancy is an especially vulnerable time when the foods being consumed need to be monitored carefully.

Raw or Undercooked Animal and Fish Products

Meats and fish, such as chicken and sushi, might have some bacteria and viruses. To lower your risk of food borne illnesses, it’s important that such products are fully cooked before ingesting them.

Unpasteurized Dairy Foods

These food and beverage products are prone to listeria, which can cause illness to you and your unborn child. It’s important to avoid raw milk and dairy products that are made from unpasteurized milk.

Seafood High in Mercury

Certain types of fish are particularly high in mercury, including salmon, catfish and tilapia. Mercury can cause birth defects, which is why pregnant women should either avoid or severely limit their exposure to such foods.

Herbal teas and Herbal Supplements

Even though herbal teas contain no caffeine, it’s still unclear about their safety for pregnant women. While it might be OK to consume these beverages in small dosages, it may be wiser to cut them out altogether. As for herbal supplements, these should be avoided completely.

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