Basic Guide to Care Your Suprapubic Catheter

What is a suprapubic catheter?

A suprapubic catheter is a sterilized or say germ-free tube that drains urine out of your bladder system. It is inserted via a stoma in your tummy and into your bladder. Suprapubic means that the catheter went into your body just above your pubic bone. The catheter has a small balloon filled with liquids that carried the catheter inside your bladder. These catheters are inserted when you have problems while urinating because of a medical situations. A suprapubic catheter is also called an indwelling urinary catheter. Now lets read about some of the most important points for superpubic catheter care:


What is a closed drainage system for my suprapubic catheter?

The drainage system contained of suprapubic catheter and a sterilized urine drainage bag joined to the catheter. This forms a subway that goes from the point of the catheter inside your bladder to the urine bag. It is a closed drainage system when there are no chances of leaks or disconnections. Your urinary system normally is sterilized and a closed drainage system fight germs from Coming inside. Your catheter should always be joined to other equipment to form a closed drainage system.

Why is it important to take care of suprapubic catheter and drainage bag properly?

Infections from Urinary catheterare very common and can lead to serious sickness and death. An infection can be created by bacteria or germs that get inside the catheter or drainage bag tubing when the drainage system is moved. This can happen when the urine bag is changed or when a urine sample is collected. You can also get infected if the catheter equipment is not cleaned properly or if you do not wash your hands well. Below are the Suprapubic Catheter information that help prevent catheter-based infections include:

  • Drinking liquids: Adults should drink about 10 to 13 cups of liquid each day. One cup is around 8 ounces. Good choices of liquids for most people include water, juice, and milk. Coffee, soup, and fruit may be counted in your daily liquid amount. Ask your doctorwhat and how much liquid you should drink each day.
  • Good hand washing is the best way to prevent infection. Always wash your hands with clean soap and water before and after you touch your catheter, tubing, or cleaning bag. Do this to remove bacteria on your hands before you touch drain bag. Do this after you touch these items to remove germs that may have been on them. Wear clean medical gloves when you care for your catheter or removed the drainage bag. This will help prevent germs from getting into your catheter. Remind anyone who cares for your catheter or drainage system to wash his or her hands.
  • Always do proper care and cleaning of the catheter, the insertion site, and the drainage bag.
  • Ask your doctor when your catheter will be removed or replaced with a new one. Your risk for infection is greater the longer you have a catheter.
  • Keep the catheter drainage system closed.
  • Keep the catheter tube secured to your skin or leg so it will drain well.

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