Zippers will generally only get noticed when they break down. This is unfair, and, like everything else, they eventually need to be replaced. The fact that they still get used on many things shows that their popularity hasn’t suffered.

Zippers are the closure of choice for a variety of items. Who would consider buttoning up their sleeping bag? Zippershipper has a variety of different zippers in stock, for all kinds of purposes, from the invisible zippers on women’s clothing to the heavy duty zippers for Jeep canvas. They have other outdoor zippers as well. For more information about their sleeping bag zippers, go to

They also have zippers for coats. These are popular items, since the jacket and coat zippers will often get the most use and everyone has a coat. For more about their coat zippers, go to

You can also order zipper chain by the yard. This lets you have control over length, and is a good way to buy large quantities of zippers at once. For more about buying zipper chain by the yard, go to

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