Even dogs can suffer from joint pain

Joint-Problems-in-DogArthritis is a condition that plagues a huge number of people. It makes your joints achy and stiff in the morning, and can affect your activities throughout the day as well. It's a condition that can range from mild to severe, which can affect your quality of life quickly. Did you know that arthritis and joint issues can also plague your pets, particularly your dog?

If your dog seems to have trouble standing from a seated or reclined position, it's possible he or she is suffering from a joint condition. Just like people, arthritis and joint issues in dogs can be incredibly painful. However, there are limits to what you can do for a dog to help curb that tide of pain. There are a number of over-the-counter medications that a dog cannot have, and prescription medications from a veterinarian can become expensive over time.

Natural solutions to help find relief can start with regular exercise. Take your dog for a short walk in the morning and in the evening to help build up his or her endurance. Once the dog seems comfortable with a short walk, increase the distance slowly. Keeping the joints moving can help prevent or slow the onset of stiffness that can make it difficult for your dog to function.

Another option is to find a supplement geared toward improving joint health. For many pet owners, this medication has been found in cetylmyristoleate for dogs. This is a dietary supplement that is sold in a chewable form. It is filled with beneficial fatty acids and other natural ingredients that are designed to help promote joint and bone health in your pet.

Other ways you can help your pet cope with the pain of arthritis include giving him or her a soft bed located well away from drafty areas and providing carpeted steps to help your dog, if he or she is allowed, to get onto and off of couches, beds, and other furniture without jumping. You may also choose to massage your dog's achy joints during routine grooming exercises. If the pain gets severe, your veterinarian likely has a few ideas regarding advanced treatment options, which can include laser therapy, acupuncture, and more. Regardless of the method of treatment you choose, just be sure that your pet is as comfortable and as happy as possible.

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