Information on 4-CEC Research Chemical

Information on 4-CEC Research Chemical4-CEC is a cathinone based research chemical derived from the Catha edulis plant. It is similar to other central nervous system stimulant research chemicals such as methcathinone. The main function of cathinone is to aid in the release of dopamine. In the meantime, cathinone also reduce the speed of the reuptake of serotonin on the nervous system in your body. It is an analogue to a structurally similar research chemical called 4-MEC. Scientists who are doing research 4-MEC can now resume their research with 4-CEC. Scientists can use 4-CEC to study the receptors' binding properties. You can use it in your research in an artificial environment that do not involve human or living organism as test subjects.

4-CEC can be legally purchased at many research chemicals stores. Many stores place an age restriction of 18 years old on the buyers. Those who buy 4-CEC must have intentions to only use it from lab research. Most online stores offer 4-CEC in crystals form. Its appearance is quite similar to the crystals of sugar. You can also purchase it tablet or powder form from the online store. It is best to only buy from research stores that conducted their own research on the products. This allows you to know for sure that the 4-CEC substance they are selling will offer the same results as 4-MEC in lab research.

4-CEC is an uncontrolled substance in the United Kingdom. You should only purchase 4-CEC from a store that is offering it at least 99{f57019529d6cfabeb68b5a7452c0b5719b722093ba687795fc92d22108260f5d} of purity. The store should offer tracking number and ship the product quickly. The product should be packed safely and labeled accordingly so that you know whether the content in the packet is really the 4-CEC research chemical you bought.

Many online stores offer free samples of 4-CEC in quantity of 5g. The research chemical stores usually will offer them at wholesale price when you purchase it in bulk quantity of more than 500 grams. Most online retail stores can ship 4-CEC via courier such as UPS and Fedex to countries around the world as long as it is not banned in your country.

4-CEC is more toxic than 4-CMC and will produce even more serious side effects. Many research chemical stores will advertise 4-CEC as 99{f57019529d6cfabeb68b5a7452c0b5719b722093ba687795fc92d22108260f5d} lab pure but you won't know whether this is true until you experiment it yourself. 4-CEC can be life threatening and trigger serious so you should never attempt to administer it.

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