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If you undergo surgery such as knee replacement surgery, you might now that your daily life will be affected by the knee surgery. Despite the optimum surgery process and also complete surgical treatment such as painkillers and local injection, you will feel the pain after the surgery. Knee replacement surgery is capable to restore your capability to do normal activity; however, the pain may be persistent on your life. Therefore, make sure that you are taking several steps to ensure that you can manage your pain after surgery. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to manage pain after surgery properly.

The first step is managing the pain immediately after surgery. You will need to take rest immediately after surgery, make sure to take a lot of rest after surgery. After surgery, tissue around the surgery area become raw and delicate, therefore, to stabilize the tissue, you will need several days of full rest to ensure your tissue is strong enough. However, you will need to move your feet periodically to ensure that your blood flow is not stock because of blood clot. Make sure to move your feet periodically to ensure that you are avoid stiffness in the joint. After surgery, make sure to take prescription pain medication to manage your pain. Usually, you will get strong analgesic such as morphine, pethidine, or oxycodone; however you can use topical creams and patches to help reduce the pain.

The next step is making sure to continue manage the pain after you are home. You can use ice to reducing pain and inflammation. You can use ice therapy for 20 minutes and 4 times a day. Alternatively, you can use heating pad to ensure that your joint will always feel comfortable. Otherwise, you can visit Pinellas County pain management for more treatment.