Tips to Gain Muscle Mass While Working Out at Home

People often give reasons and show their helplessness that they cannot bring workout properly at home especially, when they are looking for different ways to enhance their muscle mass. They cannot use it as an excuse in the muscle building progress because body weight and dumbbells can do wonders to your body, provided if you use both of them in the right way. There is no way that why you cannot increase the muscle definition while working out at home. Of course how fast you can build your muscles depend on several factors, your exercise routine, your diet and your genetics also play a significant role. Suppose if you are overtraining yourself for several months or doing high intensity exercises you may be receiving slow results. But if you train yourself hard and eat right diet, then you can get better muscles by working out in your home. You will also get detailed information from about increasing muscles mass.

Step One

When you are training at home split your body into two parts, upper body and lower body. After this you have to train each part of your body twice a week, train upper part of your body on Monday and lower body on Tuesday. Moreover, you can also opt for working out two muscle groups at a time, you can train your back with your biceps, chest with your triceps and shoulder with your legs.

Step Two

When you are exercising, you are supposed to make sure that your body is capable of holding the weights properly. In order to increase your power, you are supposed to do squats, bench press and dead lifts. This will increase your body power and you can take need challenges in your exercise routine. If you are doing squats without any problem, then take the challenge to do single-leg squat. Hold this position for three seconds, then opt for another leg.

Step Three

You are doing exercise to increase your muscle mass and increase the size of your chest. Suppose you are doing push-ups at home you can do three types of push-ups. Do incline and decline push-ups as well as wide grip push-ups. Wide grip push-up will increase the size of your chest.

Step Four

Whether you do exercise at home or in the gymnasium, it is imperative to do a warm up set before every exercise routine. This will make your muscles ready to handle the weights and it will minimize the chances of injuries.

Step Five

When you are exercising to increase the muscle mass, it is advised to consume 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. This will help you gain muscle mass at a rapid pace. You are also supposed to fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables along with complex carbohydrates and fiber. has details about several muscle building products.

Step Six

If you have decided to work out in your home, then it is good to ask your family member or your friend to help you in your fitness endeavors. This is because there are times when you will need a spotter and in absence of which you may not able to give your hundred percent. You spotter will also help you in handling heavy weights.

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