Vaping, Smoking, and You

These days, it's very common to find a lot of mixed information on almost any topic. It seems as though everyone has their own agenda or something to gain from misleading people. This is no different when it comes to the area of e juice and vaping. By now, we know that smoking cigarettes can kill you. There aren't many people that deny that fact or argue with it. Yet, we still have billions of people smoking cigarettes each and every day. Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things anyone can try to do, yet smokers all over the world are finding one thing that is helping them ease off this horrible habit. Vaping e juice has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, and it has been leading some smokers to actually stop smoking altogether.

One big component of this is the fact that vaping still satisfies that hand to mouth habit smokers yearn for. Over the course of their smoking lives, cigarette smokers form an urge to simply have something there. Vaping provides a much safer alternative to cigarettes and still fulfills this hand to mouth craving.

Cigarette smokers have enjoyed being able to wean themselves off of high nicotine levels. Some eventually quit using nicotine completely and simply smoke nicotine-free e juice. This is much more easily done using e juice as it contains the nicotine without the extra additives and tobacco. A cigarette smoker can easily start vaping a 50ml e juice with 10 mg nicotine and slowly work their way down to 0 mg nicotine.

E juice and vaping in general cause less social issues. There isn't the same ashtray smell that comes from smoking when you vape e juice. instead, you are presented with more pleasant aromas and no staining or stinking of clothing.

The jury may still be out on some aspects of e juice and vaping. The truth is, there are already plenty of proven reasons vaping is beating out smoking. If you're a smoker and thinking about quitting, look into e juice vaping as an aid.